Analyzing China's Future

by Verena Nowotny

The Economist dedicates six pages to an in-depth analysis of China's current state; and as faithful Economist readers we are grateful again for the factual description of China's domestic struggles and its foreign policy ambivalence. I highly recommend this essay to everybody who wants a concise and compact update on what challenges China is facing at the moment.

China's urban dreams

by Verena Nowotny

The British magazine Economist as well as the related think tank Economist Intelligence Unit offer an in-depth analysis of the current urbanization plans - and dreams - of the Chinese leadership. A useful overview of the chances and risks as well as the regional realities.

China loses its allure

by Verena Nowotny

Life is getting tougher for foreign companies in China. Or, as the Economist nicely summarizes the situation: more pain, less gain. China is no longer the place with cheap and limitless resources of labor. Competition is heating up. And last but not least, there is no "one China" but companies need to localize in order to please the regional tastes and preferences.